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Reddit Looks to Expand with Embedded Posts
By: The Drum
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The ‘Front page of the Internet’ Reddit has made it easier to seed its content across the web with the rollout of a thread embed button.

While a rich ecosystem of opinions, news and humour, the Reddit community has been largely self-contained amid its own subreddit threads.

The move could help breathe further life into the site’s conversations by enabling users to seed questions, insight and controversial talking points across the web, where extra traffic can be driven to Reddit.

From a media perspective too, the ability to embed will make it easier to reflect vital conversations occurring on Reddit without having to resort to screenshots and hyperlinks.

Mark Luckie, Reddit’s head of journalism and media told TechCrunch: “The great thing about Reddit content is that it’s usually longer, it’s more insightful, more in-depth than you’ll see on other social platforms.


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