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Twitter Really Hopes You Want to See Tweets Your Friends Have Liked
By: Meltwater
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Twitter is improving its tailored suggestions to bring you more tweets it thinks you might enjoy. The company has announced that it is organizing the most popular tweets liked by people you follow into a module reminiscent of the “while you were away” feature that appears within the mobile apps.

“We’re continuing to work on new ways to surface the best content for our users,” said a company spokesperson when reached for comment.

Showcasing tweets you may like isn’t new, as Twitter has been integrating them within the timeline since 2014. Just browse through your timeline and chances are you might see a tweet from someone you don’t recognize. And upon closer inspection, you’ll see an explainer saying that person X, Y, and Z liked it. Today’s reveal basically groups these type of tweets together and positions them in your timeline so they’re not scattered throughout.


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