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Behind Facebook's Move to Open Up Instagram
By: The Drum
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With 1.59bn users and rising, the movement of advertising budgets towards Facebook seems an unstoppable tide. But to get the best results, brand owners must work to optimise their campaigns by harnessing the strengths and maximising the efficiencies of multiple platforms rather than addressing each in isolation.

With many social platforms operating as closed ecosystems, keen to defend their uniquely accurate data from being devalued by other parties, achieving unduplicated reach across more than one platform is as much based on educated guesswork as it is with any other channel.

Change is coming, however.

Facebook has long provided the means to automatically optimise delivery across desktop, mobile and more recently the Facebook Audience Network.

But since September, Instagram has been added as placement. At first glance, this new check box appears innocuous. In reality, it represents an entirely new source of inventory (400m users globally). Providing just one extra variable presents a much greater opportunity for optimisation and greater efficiency.

The importance of Facebook’s move here is twofold. First, opening Instagram means there’s greater opportunity to balance the delicate triumvirate of objectives: delivery of marketing objective; advertiser cost efficiency; platform yield. Balanced correctly, all parties win and the more inventory and flexibility with delivery helps achieve this.


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