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How Facebook’s ‘App for Everything’ Could Revolutionize Media and Marketing
By: Contently
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Here’s a just a short list of things you can do, or soon will be able to do, through Facebook Messenger: hail an Uberchat with customer servicesend money to your friendsbuy a nice pair of red heels, and share Spotify playlists.

Yesterday, MarketingLand reported that Messenger will soon allow publishers to distribute content through what Wired aptly deemed “Zuckerberg’s app for everything.” Around the same time, Facebook will also open up the platform to advertisers, according to leaked documents obtained by TechCrunch in February.

Not only could these developments change the way we use the Internet, they could potentially revolutionize how publishers and marketers distribute their content. Messenger has a billion users and is the second-most popular app in the United States, thanks in large part to Facebook’s controversial decision to spin it off two years ago, which forced users to download the Messenger app separately if they want to chat on their mobile devices.

(What’s the No. 1 app, you ask? Facebook, obviously.)

The progression from social media to chat apps is perhaps the biggest change in the Internet since, well, social media. Chat apps already dominate in China, Japan, and much of Europe; Facebook controls the market here in North America. But it looks like 2016 will be the year Facebook tries to make Messenger integral to our digital lives.

However, it’s still unclear how publishers and advertisers will distribute content through a chat app. A few have already started experimenting—The Economist, for example, uses Line; Quartz also ran an interesting news experiment with iMessage—but any sort of concrete practice has yet to emerge. Plus, it remains to be seen if users actually enjoy getting their news through a chat window.


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