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'American Crime Story': A Push Back Against Streaming?
By: Andy Perrott
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FX appears to be working on a new way to continue a television series. One problem that most people have with a television program is that, as the seasons progress, characters begin to wear thin on an audience, plots become drawn out and dull, and shows carry on long after they’ve lost their luster. Some shows reach a peak and then immediately become dull, or jump the shark, a term coined from the decline of the show Happy Days. So what is the way to keep a show interesting? Start with a fresh story for every single season.

FX has used this formula for its show American Horror Story, in which every season has a new story with new characters. While some of the seasons show evidence that the stories are linked, most of the stories are different every year. FX is again using this formula to create American Crime Story, starting this year with a series based on the O.J. Simpson Trial from the 1990s. This series has already gathered much attention from potential viewers because of its all-star cast and the sensitive subject matter that will be portrayed in the show. Plans are already in motion for a second season based on the events of Hurricane Katrina.

The creation of this kind of programming could be Fox trying to keep television programming relevant in an age where streaming services are on the rise. Recently, FX Chief John Landgraf has openly spoken against Netflix and similar streaming services, claiming that services like this flood the programming market with so many choices it is hard to keep an audience large enough sustain the airing of a television show. It is with programming such as American Crime Story and similar projects to be created by FX in the near future that Landgraf hopes to draw attention back to the tradition of watching a television show whenever it airs.

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Andy Perrott is a writer with a BA in Advertising from Penn State University. He has a background in studying the effects of brands, advertising, and corporate identities through social media. 
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