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Facebook Makes Breakups Just a Little Easier
By: Jessica Cherok
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Getting over an ex is hard. It has been even harder since social media came along. Endless hours can be spent stalking your ex's social media accounts, keeping you from moving on with your life.

Sure, it would probably be best to unfriend, block, and move on, but too few of us possess the iron will to do so. Thankfully, Facebook has your back.

The social media giant is testing out features that shield you from details about your ex on the site. Once you change your relationship status, Facebook will offer you some new tools.

You can opt to see less of your ex without having to unfriend them. That's nice, since it allows you to still pretend you are mature enough to be friends, even though you're feeling dead inside. You also won't be prompted to tag them in your photos or have them suggested as someone to send a message to.

You are also given the option of bulk untagging yourself from photos. That's right — bulk untagging! Sure, you can still grab a bottle of wine and some tissues and slog through individual posts to untag yourself, but at least you have the option now to get the whole miserable process over quickly, like ripping off a Band-Aid.

"This work is part of our ongoing effort to develop resources for people who may be going through difficult moments in their lives. We hope these tools will help people end relationships on Facebook with greater ease, comfort and sense of control," Facebook said in a blog post.

So, keep your chin up. Facebook cares about you, even if no one else does.

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About the Author
Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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