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Anonymous Recruiting You for War Against ISIS
By: Jessica Cherok
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Hacktivist group Anonymous is empowering non-hackers to take down Islamic State social media accounts. This week, Anonymous posted a video online promising "not to stop until there is a total blackout of ISIS online."

ISIS has had huge success on social media as a propaganda and recruitment tool for the terror group. Their efforts have been so prolific that security experts around the world have warned that ISIS will continue to recruit members through social media at an alarming rate.

Anonymous hopes that by arming average people with a how-to for hacking ISIS that the terror group's overall online presence and influence will be diminished. In response, ISIS called Anonymous "idiots."

While noble (and a little spy-movie thrilling) for the average person to be able to hack along with Anonymous to take down a terrorist organization, actually doing so is probably not the best idea. You could potentially interfere with the investigation and monitoring of security agencies. Also, since you probably aren't a slick and adept hacker, ISIS could potentially trace activities back to you. Finally, hacking — even the hacking of ISIS — is illegal.

So while it seems noble, the risk of having the FBI and ISIS mad at you at the same time is probably not a position you want to be in, even if it's only a slightly better position than going to prison. 

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About the Author
Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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