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If You're an Entrepreneur, the Tech Age is Your Time to Shine
By: Bernard Harrell
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Technology has brought forth a time when one’s ideas can become a reality very shortly. To the average consumer, the tech world may seem incomprehensible, but on the contrary, this is the time for everyone to join in. Technology is merely the means of transportation; in this case, that means your idea has the opportunity to be seen by the world. Think of it as the Industrial Revolution reborn; the virtual sequel.

Top companies understand the potential power of tech, which is why they are becoming even more relentless with their customer service policies, turnover times, and procedures. These companies also try to get in your head so that they know what you like before you do. This is a part of creating the customer experience relationship. In the tech age, most people are fickle, and businesses are only one innovative concept away from being replaced.

Despite being at several disadvantages in comparison to Fortune 500 companies, there are tactics that can place you in a position for success. 

Be Aware
Awareness of where your craft or occupation is heading is a huge advantage. By knowing this, you have the ability to be at the forefront of major changes/updates. This also gives you a chance to strategize your approach to making the new trend better, smarter, or safer.

Be a Team Player
Everyone with an interest in entrepreneurship would rather do everything him/herself because it’s the only sure way to get the job done. However, nobody can do it all without falling short in one area or another. The best way to manage this is to get a partner you can trust. Build a team slowly so that things don’t get out of hand in the beginning. 

Strategize Voraciously
One reason top companies are so successful is because of their level of preparedness. Big businesses are prepared to lose, and if so, they have contingency plans to sustain themselves. This is why large companies can go bankrupt and appear totally unaffected. A thorough strategy may not get you through every scenario, but it will lead you to more successes than failures.

Most importantly, find your niche and a way to earn clients. One advantage the "little guy" has in this era is that consumers are longing for personal interaction due to the ever-popular dependence on technology. Take advantage!

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About the Author
Bernard Harrell is an aspiring entrepreneur. He believes in the power of simplicity, and that the smallest idea, or person, can change the world.
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