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Pepsi Imperfect and Back to the Future Day
By: Stuart Heater
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The day was October 21, 2015. Marty McFly sipped on the perfect iteration of Pepsi, aptly named Pepsi Perfect.
The movie Back To The Future 2 gave moviegoers a glimpse of what the future might be. A world of self-tying shoes, hoverboards, and the perfect soft drink. The film was released in 1989, and with it a state of wonder crept into the minds of moviegoers. What would 2015 actually be like? Fast-forward to the present, where we find ourselves now. Did the “real” 2015 live up to “the” 2015 of the movie? Most people would say no. We don’t have self-tying shoes, we don’t have hoverboards, and we certainly don’t have Pepsi Perfect. Or do we?

This past Wednesday, Pepsi sold 6,500 special bottles of Pepsi, dubbed Pepsi Perfect. The iconic bottle design from the movie remained, and the recipe even featured real sugar. The price tag for one of these limited-edition bottles? $20.15 on Amazon or 1$9.85 on Walmart.com. See what they did there? Paying just a bit over 20 bucks for a bottle of soda might sound crazy. However, if you’re a nerd like me, you so would!

I was so excited to get a bottle of Pepsi Perfect, I set a reminder on my phone. Yeah, I know, I’m crazy. When midnight rolled around, I hopped on the Internet to get one. To my surprise, they were all gone! Are you kidding me? Being that I had to be up at 7:00 to get ready for work, I didn’t have much time to dwell on my loss. Thankfully, the Internet felt my pain, and people across different forms of social media really let Pepsi have it. How hard did they let them have it, you ask? Pepsi is putting out a second batch of Pepsi Perfect on November 3. That’s how bad.

The 2015 that existed in the movie didn’t have social media, but we do. 6,500 bottles just didn’t seem like enough for a country with a population of over 300 million, and Twitter was quick to remind Pepsi of that. The fact that some of these bottles were given away at Comic-Con made it that much more of a mad dash to find one.
If you haven't realized by now, the Internet is not a nice place. Anger a whole bunch of nerds, and you’ve probably doomed yourself. I'm sure you’ve heard the saying “Hell hath no fury like a nerd’s scorn.” If you haven’t, then I’ll take credit for it right now.

When November 3 rolls around, will you, like me, be placing an order for a bottle of Pepsi Perfect, or are you done with it? Maybe you don’t even care. Or maybe you bought a bottle, then turned around and sold it online for hundreds of dollars. Either way, Back To The Future Day was still awesome. I mean, we finally caught up to the movie. Definitely a great day, unless you’re a Cubs fan — the movie really lied to you! 

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About the Author
Stuart Heater is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a degree in Marketing and Mass Communication. He is an avid sports spectator, Netflix connoisseur, and has a passion for technology.
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