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Will You Really Read Playboy for the Articles?
By: Jessica Cherok
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Is social media responsible for Playboy covering up? It seems very likely to have at least influenced the major change.

This week, the iconic gentlemen's magazine announced it was doing away with its nude photos, instead focusing on society and culture content. According to Playboy, the change is stemming from its desire to embark in a new direction, one where nudity isn't included.

Certainly, it has been increasingly hard for Playboy to compete in the age of the Internet. Nude photos of every variety are mere clicks way. The magazine's content had become banal, leading its readership to decrease dramatically.

Compounding matters, Playboy was finding itself censored by the biggest marketing players out there. Facebook and Instagram both have very strict policies on nudity. Twitter's policies, while less strict by comparison, still presented the magazine with problems promoting its content.

So what do you do when your brand promoted naked women, but promoting naked women on social media isn't allowed? You focus on society and culture, that's what.

While many are saddened upon hearing the magazine that got them through those awkward teenage years will not be the same, perhaps this move will bring those readers back to the fold. At least, that is what Playboy hopes will happen.

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Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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