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Facebook Mobile Just Got So Much Cooler
By: Jessica Cherok
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It's about damn time! Facebook is finally allowing its users to set GIFs as profile pictures.

The new feature is part of an update Facebook brought to its mobile platform. The seven-second video can either be one you record on Facebook or a GIF you upload. But unless you're in California or the UK, this feature isn't available to you quite yet. Don't worry — that just means you'll have more time to pick out the perfect GIF.

Facebook is also giving users the ability to set temporary profile pictures. According to their announcement:
"As part of that effort, we’ve started to roll out the ability to set a temporary version of your profile picture that reverts back to your previous profile picture at a specified time. Want to support your team in the week leading up to the big game, commemorate a special milestone like a birthday or vacation or show off a great #tbt picture? Now you can create a temporary profile picture specifically for those moments and events."

Admittedly, that's a pretty cool feature, but the coolness doesn't stop there!

You can also customize the content about yourself at the top of your profile. Show off where you work, where you went to school, your brand-spanking-new bio line, etc.

These new mobile features should be rolling out to the masses soon, but no word yet on when they'll be coming to desktop.

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Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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