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The Latest from Zuckerberg's Year of Books
By: Shalice Sherald
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In January, Mark Zuckerberg launched a social media book club. Every two weeks, he shares a book with all of his followers. They read and discuss it together.

When I first began to watch the story in February, Zuckerberg had 287,104 likes. Seven months later, his book club has 472,391 likes and is growing steadily.

The great thing about Zuckerberg’s book club is that it’s interactive. The social media club allows for Facebook users who are reading the book to discuss and comment on what they are currently reading.

In May, Telegraph.co.uk released the list of books for the year. Zuckerberg's latest book choices go hand in hand with his pledge to donate half his wealth before his death (his estimated net worth? $41.6 billion).

So far, the book club has read 16 books, and the 17th book is Portfolios of the Poor: How the World’s Poor Live on $2 a Day by Daryl Collins. The book is a compilation of 10 years of research on the financial situations of the lowest classes of people in Bangladesh, India, and South Africa. Are you following along?

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Shalice Sherald is an artist from Detroit, Michigan. She's a person with passion for life, love, and HAPPYness. Love. Dream. Create.
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