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Filter, Don’t Find
By: Robert Calvanico
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Overwhelmed by the daily onslaught of new information out there (in here?) about digital trends, content marketing, data/analytics, conversion funnels, and everything else we angst-ridden marketing geeks wrestle with daily?

Me too.

Well, there is a way, my friends. A way to access what you want and ONLY what you want. You can find your way by following the key word (no, not keyword) in the title of this e-zine: “Pivot.”

Pivot away from auto-hitting “Search.” Drill down to a more precise way in and you’ll eliminate less-than-relevant items that act as window dressing to more relevant and more instructive information. That can actually help rid you of the aforementioned angst.

Ahh, relevance. The magic “R” word. Heck, who needs a Google hack? To access the content you’re after, all you need to do is…well…you need to do a bunch of things, but they’ll all prove to be friends for life if you treat them right. And they all lean in the direction of the magic “R” word.

Say you’re a CMO and you need to be current because, well, you’re a CMO for goodness’ sake. It’s extra important for you to access the data and information that’s most relevant to you. You probably can’t afford to simply filter information; you probably need multiple filters. In fact, you might need multiple people to employ multiple filters for you (whew!)

Hyperbole aside (or in this case, astride), if you follow specific subject-matter experts on social platforms, you will generate the greatest return on the time you invest. So don’t just follow a Twitter hashtag, follow Guy Kawasaki or Jeff Bullas or Nancy Shenker or…you get the idea. Let them act as your “curators.” I’m sure they won’t mind, as long as you don’t call them your “digital assets.”

Yes, you can get a snapshot of the online moment by using trend-aggregator tools like Reddit, Newswhip, and Quora — or even Google Trends or Twitter Trending. But they may pull in topics not relevant to you.

Customize your content aggregators. Personalize your search results. Avoid the irrelevant social feeds. Sure, it’s a bit of work to establish your more focused interwebbing. But it will be worth it as the noise fades and clarity emerges.

So be vigilant about what’s relevant and keep current. Use filters to create a custom content funnel. Up your efficiency by lowering the bar on what hits your screen. Think of it this way: What noise-cancelling headphones do for your music, filtering (not finding) can do for your content.

Which, ultimately, should make you far more content.

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About the Author
Robert Calvanico is Client Services Director for Living Group, a London-based integrated digital and branding agency. He leads the Living team's New York office. Robert has held management positions at agencies such as Euro RSCG, Cossette Post and Blue Fountain. He is a passionate sports fan and music lover, and lives in Tribeca, New York City.
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