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Will There Be a Domino's Effect on Social Media?
By: Shivani Sinha
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Have you seen the new Domino's ad? You know, the one where Sarah Hyland orders a pizza with an emoji of a pizza?

It’s not the first time a big brand has turned to social media in such a direct way to drive sales. Just take a look at Amazon's strategy from last year, where consumers could use a hashtag that would automatically add a product to their Amazon Cart. Ultimately, the hashtag proved unsuccessful for Amazon and can no longer be used today.

The problem with Amazon was that the user still had to go to the Amazon website and view their cart to make a final purchase. This gave the consumer more than enough time to second-guess any items they saved in their cart. Domino’s, on the other hand, is taking this strategy one step further by making this one step easier.

The first time I saw the ad, I was baffled. After some intense research on my part (i.e., visiting the company’s website), I discovered how this works. Once a profile is created (probably the most challenging part in all of this), the only other action required after tweeting a pizza emoji to the Domino’s Twitter handle is a quick confirmation in the user’s direct messages. This essentially makes the step from advertising to sale instantaneous.

The big question is: What will the implications of this strategy be in the world of digital media? The effectiveness of this campaign remains to be seen, but the tactics used could have an overwhelming impact on the way big brands sell products to their consumers. Maybe one day I can use a taxi emoji instead of calling for cab service, or perhaps I could use the money bag emoji whenever I want to transfer funds from one account to another. Either way, the possibilities are endless!

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About the Author
Shivani Sinha is a Georgia State University alumni. She currently works at an agency in media buying and has a passion for digital media.
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