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Who Deleted Me?
By: Jennifer Graber
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There it is — the Facebook logo. You log on, and a wave of terror comes over you. Something has changed; your friends list has inexplicably dwindled. You are no closer to solving this mystery than you are to finding the lost city of Atlantis, but there is hope for this unthinkable first-world problem.

Developers have released an app, available on iOS and Android devices, that solves the mystery plaguing many. Who Deleted Me is an app that “allows users to keep track of their friends list.” To use Who Deleted Me, you install it as an app or browser extension.

Once downloaded, you simply log in to Who Deleted Me via a secure connection. The main screen has a link that, upon clicking, will display several lists— new, deleted you, you deleted, deactivated, and current. The first time you log on, the app will upload a current list of your Facebook friends list.

Who Deleted Me will then upload and compare your lists each time you sign on. If there are any changes or deletions, Who Deleted Me will notify you. You will even be able to see when the friend deleted you. However, you will not be able to see who has deleted you prior to the download.

Who Deleted Me sounds like an interesting idea, in theory. Our natural human curiosity leads us to ponder many things. When we notice that our friends list is shorter, we tend to wonder who might have been crossed off the list. If you have hundreds, or thousands, of friends, whittling it down can be a tedious and difficult task. Who Deleted Me turns that task into an easy one. But, honestly, what is the point? That same question can be asked of many apps — but that’s another story.

Finding out who deleted you as a friend on Facebook has the potential to become a point of conflict. While some may use the app to fulfill idle curiosity, others may take it much more seriously. Some people that you delete could have been removed for a very good reason, like safety or personal comfort. This app gives the deleted access to information that wouldn’t necessarily be used in a benevolent manner. Think stalkers, abusers, and others like that.

Now, you may say in response — why befriend those online to begin with? Well, I say perhaps it didn’t start out that way. Perhaps the online friendship started out innocuously, and then took a turn for the worse. The Who Deleted Me app makes you think even more about the need for personal privacy and online security. Prior to the app, and others like it, locking down your account would have sufficed, but now the existence of apps like this make it clear that safety and security start even before the moment you click “accept request.”

Will you be downloading this app? Or will you be saying no thanks? While it has certainly caught my attention, Who Deleted Me will probably not be downloaded on my mobile device anytime soon.

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About the Author
Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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