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Drones To Deliver Abortion Medication Overseas
By: Jennifer Graber
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Women’s reproductive health and drone technology are two seemingly incompatible discussion points.

Except — well, they actually do go together. If you think about it you realize that women’s health and drone technology are very hot-button issues with a great deal of controversy surrounding them. Thus, the two oddball puzzle pieces fit together in an unexpected way.

You don’t have to be around long to know that there is an intense debate surrounding women’s reproductive health — one that comes from all races, genders, and nationalities. You name it, there’s likely a group debating it. This is especially true when it comes to the topic of abortion. In many states, countries, and so forth there are some types of law regulating abortions. In some places, abortion is even outlawed.

Drone technology is also subject to the same intense debate. Drones have been in the news lately for alleged security breaches, getting too close to federal buildings, and similar offenses. Despite that, some say that drones have the ability to provide necessary information and services. For instance, drones can be used to gather intelligence for the government. Drones could also be used to deliver necessary food and supplies to areas in need that are in a war zone or have suffered a natural disaster of some sort. However, some believe that the drone technology is yet another way to create holes in national security by putting countries at risk.

But what if someone were to put the two together? What if someone were to use drone technology as a way of making strides in women’s reproductive health? Well, someone did. Women on Waves is a women’s rights activist group. The group’s mission is to “prevent unsafe abortions and unwanted pregnancies” by providing “sexual health services” around the world. One of these services is early medical abortions. Women on Waves previously set sail in the waters outside of Ireland, Spain, and Portugal. During these voyages, the activist group would bring women out to the non-territory waters to provide medical counseling/education and information, and medical abortion pills if requested.

These nautical journeys were an inspiration for Women on Waves’ next advancement. The group recently recruited drone technology to make a statement. Drones were used to fly abortion pills from Germany to Poland, where abortions are highly restricted and basically illegal. The drones flight took off from Germany, avoiding police intervention, and landed in Poland. They delivered essential medicine to provide safe abortions in a place where the resources are outlawed.

Despite discussion and debate, technology continues to make advances in all areas of life. Drones are part of that evolving tech, and can be used to harness such potential it is unfathomable. Drones have the technology available that would allow the delivery of information and services to the unreachable — a good thing. And whether or not we agree, these advances will take place. It is simply a matter of the impossible balancing act between technological progress and everything else.

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About the Author
Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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