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Free or Nah?
By: Shalice Sherald
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Want to hang out with your friends but your schedules conflict? Bored on a friday night and don’t know who to hit up? Well app designer Trinh has come to the rescue! 

Trinh has developed app called “Free”. Free is a new app that advertises your availability and the availability of other each way. Trinh says he wanted to take the app back to the originality of the AIM buddy list. Aim was what got our generation hooked on chat.  According to Trinh Aim shaped all of social media for years to come.  He says “ I sued to live on Aim, and if someone was green, that meant they were totally up to chat. With the advancement of social media we are readily connected with everything and everyone around us.

But how do we announce to them that we are looking to chill? With the constantly being connected this is just an easier way to get the message across.  Free has been in the works for the last year and half. And the final version was released last week! The app allows the users can broadcast one of three statuses: going out, flexible or busy. It allows you to see what those who are going out have planned and jump in the conversation around the plans for the night.  For those who are flexible for the night it gives you a chance to see whats up and see whats going on.

Free is geared for young people with busy social lives who live in large metropolitan areas. Is free the new way to hang out? 

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About the Author
Shalice Sherald is an artist from Detroit, Michigan. She's a person with passion for life, love, and HAPPYness. Love. Dream. Create.
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