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Facebook Moments
By: Shalice Sherald
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Facebook is back at it! And they have definitely stepped up. Look out photo apps you have some competition! In 2012, Facebook released an automatic photo sync that allowed you to store photos to Facebook. But the app wasn’t the most secure with one wrong click all your “private photos” could be accidentally uploaded. #fail In 2014, they tried again. They launched “Slingshot” a direct attack for Snapchat. It just wasn’t up to par.
But now Facebook has come back from the drawing board and I think that have got it. They have recently launched “Moments”, which is a combination of Slingshot and the automatic syncing application. Moments is photo storage and automatic syncing mashed with private photo sharing. It even includes facial recognition! Moments allows you to privately send photos that your friends are tagged in without them hitting the timeline.
Although the app is said to be more secure. The app will be blocked in Europe due to privacy concerns.  Facebook will not launch the app until there is a mutual agreement made between Facebook and Europe. Facial Recognition is the cause of the issues. Europe has an issue with facial recognition that the USA doesn’t see a problem.  They feel as though individuals should be able to live life without a fear that organizations they don’t know will be following their every moment because of facial recognition. Hopefully an agreement can be made soon and everyone can enjoy this new app! 

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Shalice Sherald is an artist from Detroit, Michigan. She's a person with passion for life, love, and HAPPYness. Love. Dream. Create.
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