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The Neutral Net: We’ve Won the Battle, But Not the War
By: Melissa DellaBartolomea
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Remember Net Neutrality?

The issue came to head earlier this year when the FCC passed the Net Neutrality Act despite the best efforts of the Phone and Cable companies that were vehemently opposed to the Act.

As of this past Thursday, June 11th, a Federal judge officially rejected the efforts of those same Phone and Cable companies, allowing the FCC to put Net Neutrality policies into full effect.
All of this sounds great. So where’s the catch?

Well, if we look at this most recent Federal Ruling, the judge didn’t actually set any lasting decisions into play. When he officially denied the requests of the Phone and Cable companies to delay the implementation of Net Neutrality rules, what he was really saying was: “Yea, you guys aren’t really in any position to stop this. Now, I’m not ruling that the Net Neutrality rules are 100% legal or untouchable, but I feel that as they are, the rules make sense. If ya’ll have a problem with this you can take it up with someone else.” 

The problem is that the monopolistic companies who form the opposition (like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and Time Warner) are gearing up to do just that. They’re already set to sue the Federal Government, as they continue to claim that the rules and regulations of the Net Neutrality Act are unconstitutional.

So what does this mean for us? 

The Internet that we all know and love is safe for now, but not indefinitely. It’s up to us, as users of the web, to pay attention even when the headlines choose not to. Following the progress of Net Neutrality as it makes its way through the Federal system will be key. Passing the Net Neutrality Act, and this latest shut down of oppositional efforts are just two battles in a much larger war to keep our Internet free. 

To find out more about Net Neutrality, check out John Oliver’s rally cry from earlier this year (a rally cry that was ultimately responsible for crashing the FCC servers for a day), or see the official FCC page on Net Neutrality.

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