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The 140 Character Limit Does Not Exist... Kind of.
By: Paige Brooks Briggs
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The Twitter Gods have heard our cries – kind of… Before you are jumping for joy there’s a catch. It’s not tweets that the limit has been removed from but DM’s are not restricted to 140 crammed characters. As much as we love the idea of not having to use number in place of real words there is a new limit of 10,000 characters.

This is good news right?! When you have a dire situation instead of trying to explain yourself in 140 characters or less you now can DM a business and have a conversation with more details. Therefore, reinforcing customer experience and relationships, by allowing consumers to stay on the platform rather than to switch from Twitter to Facebook or try to reach someone via phone.

"Brands have trained and integrated their team to handle customer relations. Now Twitter's direct messaging service will come to their rescue. They can have one-on-one conversations, they can have customers' personal details, since the service will use Twitter's platform," Sumana Samuk, digital marketing manager, Litehouse, an experience design house under Harman International."

From a business prospective brands can now use DM to reach customers at any location and send out enewsletters to followers or any pressing news. Twitter has vaguely stated that it will be launched in July. You can read more here and here.

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