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Siri Proactive: Friend or Foe?
By: Caroline Moore
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Apple announced its various software updates for the iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on Monday.  

Although there are many new updates and additions for your Apple devices, the upgrade called Siri Proactive is no doubt one of the biggest of these revisions. While there are major game-changing facets to the iOS 9 update (such as the menstrual cycle tracker and extended battery life), this new version of Siri could be a dream come true…or could serve as a creepy reminder that your phone knows just a little too much about you.

This new Siri, named Siri Proactive, serves as your assistant and makes predictions based off information stored on your device. Her knowledgeable responses or suggestions (perhaps to questions you may not have even asked yet) are gathered from your emails, calendar, and previous searches. So, Siri now provides a “personalized” response or recommendation by using the information found in your device, along with your location and behavior patterns. Interested? Go here for more details on Proactive Siri and all of Apple’s new updates.

Understandably, this is Apple’s reaction to Google Now, and evolving technology is not slowing down anytime soon. However, where is the boundary for Apple, and other like-minded tech companies, on how much their devices regulate our lives? Will Apple settle for dominating just most of our lives or will they continue to rule the marketplace until smart gadgets and technology completely take over?

Should we, as a society, welcome the ever-evolving, ever-simplifying technology as a faster, better, shinier way to live? Or should we really consider how all the revisions (these and future versions to come) really affect our day-to-day lives, overall well being, and how we, as well as future generations, communicate with one another? 

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About the Author
Caroline Moore received her BFA in Communication from Valdosta State University. She works as a freelance writer and is currently working towards achieving a TEFL certificate. She is an avid animal and environmental activist. Caroline lives in Atlanta, GA.
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