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Can a Tweet Help You Quit Smoking?
By: Liam Crossey
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The results of a new study have shown that certain social media apps and devices are actually twice as likely to help younger adults quit smoking.

The study was conducted at the University of Waterloo, a public university found in Waterloo, Ontario. One of the reasons the researchers settled on this particular topic of investigation is because young adults in Canada are reported to have the hardest trouble quitting smoking as well as the demographic who has the highest level of engagement with social media. Researchers used two distinct methods to see which one helped young adults quit: Smoker’s Hotline, where callers can call and attempt to be talked out of smoking, and the Break It Off Campaign, a united social media campaign.

The home website for the Break It Off Campaign is impressive to say the least. It features positive messages and links, using phrases such as “Move on with life” and “Get it over with” as a way to empower visitors who check out the site. It also seems to be an effort that is much larger in scale, as it contains various testimonials, hard facts, and even a telephone hotline of their own to contact for additional help. The Break It Off Campaign resonated more with young adults between the ages of 18 to 29. Thirty-two percent of the selected participants were more likely to quit smoking using the aforementioned social media campaign compared to the 14% who chose the telephone hotline.

This latest study is just one example of how various Canadian research centers are attempting to use social media in an attempt to engage more with the younger generations of the country.

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About the Author
Liam Crossey is impressed with how accessible and wide-reaching Facebook has become for small business owners. He hopes and believes Twitter is eventually looked at in the same light.
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