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Caitlyn Jenner Broke The Internet #CallMeCaitlyn
By: Jennifer Graber
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A few months ago Kim Kardashian West appeared on the cover of Paper Magazine — nude. Kardashian West’s goal was simple — to break the Internet with her famous assets. Whatever success she had pales in comparison to the real woman who broke the Internet on Monday.

Unless you have been living under a rock the last few months, you have likely heard the buzz surrounding Bruce Jenner’s journey. Rumors flew and stories ran about the possible situations he was going through. Without a definitive statement from the Jenner or Kardashian families, no one knew for sure what was taking place. But, just a few weeks ago, an interview aired in which Jenner bravely sat down with Diane Sawyer and confirmed a rumor. Jenner opened up and came out as transgender. He declared that he would soon be making the transition from male to female. Since then, Jenner has been undergoing several transitional surgeries.

Now Jenner is ready to debut as a woman on the cover of July’s Vanity Fair. On Monday Vanity Fair released a sneak peek at the upcoming cover story, and the world officially met Caitlyn Jenner for the very first time. Bruce Jenner, for all intents and purposes, no longer exists. Jenner will now live life as her true self. She will live fully as Caitlyn.

The release of the story, and cover sneak peek, set the Internet ablaze. Friends, family, fans, and celebrities lit up social media following the story. Many posts were offering support and encouragement for Jenner as she begins to live her authentic life. We heard from Kim, Khloe, Kendall, Kat Dennings, Lady Gaga, Maria Shriver, and more. We also heard from actor Drake Bell. And, well, let’s just say that Bell’s Twitter post was a little less than encouraging. Bell proclaimed that he would still call Caitlyn by the name of Bruce. Bell soon thereafter deleted the tweet, but that did not stop the barrage of fiery responses. Upon being berated, Bell drafted an additional tweet claiming he was merely trying to capture Jenner’s legacy.

Aside from making her appearance known, Caitlyn also debuted on the social media site Twitter. Shortly after posting her first tweet, featuring the Vanity Fair cover, Jenner had amassed over one million Twitter followers. In a matter of four hours Jenner had broken President Obama’s record of gathering over a million followers in five hours. You know you are a big deal when you break the President’s record.
The release of the Vanity Fair cover via her Twitter page has prompted over 220,000 retweets. At the height of the craze Jenner’s debut garnered over 11,000 tweets a minute, and sparked 1.5 million tweets overall. It truly was Caitlyn, and not Kim, who broke the Internet.

The record-breaking social media stats are astonishing, but so is the fact that the Vanity Fair cover was kept so secret in today’s world of hacks and leaks. The cover feature, and photos, were all processed on a computer that was never connected to the Internet. All content was kept on a flash drive, and data was erased from the disconnected computer each day. Apparently acting like a spy is the key to privacy and secrets in the Internet age.

Monday Caitlyn Jenner broke the Internet. More importantly, she took a brave step forward in sharing a piece of her soul and journey. Jenner, fortunately and unfortunately, lives in the digital age. While it can be a treacherous road to navigate, especially with all the haters, the digital world can be a platform to change the real world. Jenner’s willingness to be public with her journey will make such a positive impact on the transgender community, and beyond. The honest dialog that is going on right now is priceless.

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