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Are Smart Jeans the Clothing of the Future?
By: Stuart Heater
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We live in a world where numerous items we use daily have been transformed into smart items. We have smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, smart thermostats, and the list goes on. Well, get ready for smart jeans. That’s right! Those jeans you love to wear are about to become smart.

Earlier this week Levi’s and Google announced what they call Project Jacquard. However, this project won’t be limited to just jeans. We’re talking jackets, shirts, even underwear, and you should expect each piece of clothing to feature the same functionality as standard wearable gadgets.

The real question is, how is all this going to work? Leave it to the minds at Google to develop conductive fibers that will be transformed into the pieces. Each piece of clothing, or “Platform,” as Google has elected to call them, can be connected to mobile devices and will feature Bluetooth. Paul Dillinger, Levi’s VP of Innovation, explains the product as a way for people to free themselves from their attachment to smart devices.

Several other companies have tried their hands at smart clothing. Last year, Ralph Lauren developed a nylon shirt that would measure the wearer’s heart rate and stress levels. Things like stress levels and heart rates are just the tip of the iceberg. Obviously, Levi's and Google plan to be a lot more ambitious with their line of smart clothing if they truly plan on breaking any addictions to smart devices.

Most smart devices are a little bulky in some shape or form; this is what differentiates these platforms versus other smart wearables. We’re talking about clothes, things we wear every day for a good portion of the day — unless you’re a nudist or something. Then maybe this project won’t appeal to you.

I think the biggest question will be price. Levi's sells a premium product. When you add “smart” in front of jeans, jackets, shirts, and underwear, you can expect that price to only go up.  So, will smart jeans be worth it?

Our only option is to wait and see what features these clothes offer when they are released, whenever that is.

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About the Author
Stuart Heater is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a degree in Marketing and Mass Communication. He is an avid sports spectator, Netflix connoisseur, and has a passion for technology.
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