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Finally, GIFs on Facebook
By: Jessica Cherok
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Now you can finally post the perfect reaction GIF to your friends’ Facebook posts. The social media networking site announced last week that GIFs are now supported.

Previously, Facebook had been focusing hard on supporting video. They didn’t even jump on GIFs when their social rival Twitter rolled out the ability in 2014. Facebook previously claimed adding GIFs to the News Feed would be too cluttered and had many concerns over whether or not GIFs would detract from social interactions.

At this point you are only able to add GIFs by copying and pasting the link into the post. The ability to upload directly from your computer is not available yet. Facebook has not commented on whether or not that ability will be coming to the site in the future.

GIFs can be uploaded from sites like Imgur, Tumblr, and Giphy. It’s worth noting that GIFs could be uploaded from Giphy in the past, but that ability was via a workaround, and not actually a supported Facebook feature.

Some users may have to wait to be able to post GIFs. The feature is being rolled out in parts, but eventually web and mobile users will be able to post GIFs to the News Feed. 

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Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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