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Swipe Right For Zedd’s New Album
By: Jennifer Graber
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We have all heard that we should "expect the unexpected." It is a phrase meant to prepare us and alert us to the abnormal. The abnormal is precisely what you will find when involved in dating — especially when it concerns online dating sites and apps. Each of us has a friend’s, or personal, story about online dating that will send shivers down your spine (and not in a good way). You truly never know what or who you will see in those dating apps.

You might be browsing pictures, swiping, and minding your own business. Living in your mother’s basement? That’s a left swipe. No ambition? That’s another left swipe. Baby mama drama? Definitely a left swipe. Well-known musical artist? Wait...now you have my attention.

Zedd, an EDM musician, has partnered with dating app Tinder to promote his new album True Colors. Tinder and Zedd worked together “to create a special profile” that will be “pushed across Tinder’s network of U.S. users.” As Tinder users are swiping like maniacs, they will come across Zedd’s special profile. Users have the usual choice of swiping left to say no, no, no. Users will also have the usual choice to swipe right for yes, yes, yes.

Swiping right for Zedd’s special Tinder profile won’t get you hooked up with a musician, however. Sorry. But it will get you hooked up with a great deal on Zedd’s new album True Colors. Tinder users who swipe right will receive a special link that comes with instructions on how to download Zedd’s latest album. The best part is that the digital download version of Zedd’s True Colors is only $3.99. Considering how much it can cost to purchase music, this is a good, i.e., cheap, price.

Not to sound like a bad infomercial — but wait, there’s more! Swiping right for Zedd will get you entered to win a “limited edition package.” The special package includes a signed poster, vinyl, stickers, and concert tickets for Zedd’s fall tour. Also, Zedd has plans to release additional exclusive content on Tinder in the future.

It seems as if there is no longer a standardized approach to music, or the digital world. People are leaning more towards unique approaches that favor exclusivity. After all, doesn’t everyone want to feel like they are privy to something others are not? And while the target market is somewhat easier to identify and segment these days, they are no longer in one place. Your target market could literally be anywhere and everywhere. As I have said before, you have to go where your audience is — even if that means a dating app.

But in using Tinder, is there a possibility for Zedd’s profile to get lost in the swiping shuffle? Will his musical talents be overlooked? Or will users go searching for Zedd specifically since they know he is out there in the digital dating land? Does using Tinder, or other dating apps, change how people might view you and your craft?

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Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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