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Reddit's Efforts to 'Keep Everyone Safe'
By: Jessica Cherok
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Reddit is fed up with bad behavior and bullying, and has decided to lay down some rules.

The social sharing site has long been touted as a haven for free speech, with limited moderation, and full of fiercely independent users. While Reddit clearly wants to hold on to that image, it has also decided that there need to be some guidelines in place.

In a blog post, Reddit further expanded its internal company values in what it calls the rule to “keep everyone safe.”
We have been looking closely at the conversations on reddit and at personal safety. We’ve always encouraged freedom of expression by having a mostly hands-off approach to content shared on our site. Volunteer moderators determine and uphold rules for content in their subreddits, and we have stepped in when we see threats to our values of privacy and safety.
The post goes on to explain how users can report abuse, and the impact this new effort will have on Reddit users overall:
If you are being harassed, report the private message, post or comment and user by emailing contact@reddit.com or modmailing us; include external links if they are relevant.

This change will have no immediately noticeable impact on more than 99.99% of our users. It is specifically designed to prevent attacks against people, not ideas. It is our challenge to balance free expression of ideas with privacy and safety as we seek to maintain and improve the quality and range of discourse on reddit.

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About the Author
Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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