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Your Reality Is Far From Dreamy With 'Night Terrors' Game
By: Jennifer Graber
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The cold, harsh reality of adulthood is not enough of a nightmare for some people. There are some, apparently, who feel the need to immerse themselves into a jacked-up version of their realities purely for amusement and fear. That is where an Indiegogo project enters the picture. Night Terrors is an augmented reality game for mobile devices that is currently in development, and seeking funding through Indiegogo.

Night Terrors is a reality-based horror game in which the players make every effort to survive, and save a young woman. The game is not just any game. It is far from normal. What makes Night Terrors unique are its “immersive, photorealistic” and “binaural” elements. The game takes place in your own home after the lights go out and night falls.

The game uses several algorithms to analyze data scanned from your home to create a truly terrifying experience. Players use their mobile devices to scan the surfaces and walls of their home. Night Terrors can tell where your walls are, where your floors and ceilings start, and even where your décor is situated. Essentially, the game is mapping out your home environment piece by piece with point-source modeling, environment filtering, and intensity scanning.

Night Terrors uses the data from your home to take control of and personalize your game play. The game controls your LED light from the mobile device’s camera, and the sound as well. So Night Terrors crafts what you see, what you hear, and where you go.

To play Night Terrors turn off all the lights in your home, and access the game. Hook up headphones to the audio jack, and you are ready to go. The game goal is to survive and save a young woman; seems simple enough. But it is far from that. Your mobile device is being controlled by Night Terrors. The screen on your device is your only navigational tool (remember, you are in complete darkness). It shows a feed of what you are seeing, room by room.

The frightening part of Night Terrors is that it projects a little something-something onto your screen to make things appear as if they’re actually in your home. So you might see a ghost or body or other freaky apparition in your home right next to your diploma or potted plant. Or you could even hear a murderous scream coming from the hallway bathroom. Can you imagine walking through a place in which you are completely familiar and comfortable, only to see a dead body or skeleton?

Night Terrors is a game in which its environmental knowledge is used to “exploit that information.” Which means every detail from the game makes it difficult to distinguish fiction from reality. In Night Terrors, two become one. A horror movie in which you are the star plays out before your very eyes.

Virtual reality technology is becoming more commonplace, and is even making its way into the hands of mobile users. The question is — will Night Terrors get off the ground with funding? And will you be downloading it? My answer to that question is no — not just no, but h*ll no. I’ll leave Night Terrors to the horror enthusiasts.

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Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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