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YouTube Can Make You a Star
By: Darryl D. Lassiter
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Just a short time ago, hard work and touring around local bars, clubs, and maybe across your home state to become a huge recording or television star were the norm. But these are not your daddy’s childhood days. The 21st-century stars can come from another stage — not the Grand Ole Opry, not the Apollo Theater, or even national television. YouTube can make you a hit recording or comedy star almost overnight.

Ever heard of Jenna Marbles? If not, you will — and soon. Creative Artists Agency (CAA) has signed the digital star to an exclusive contract. Her comedic videos have smashed the Internet for almost two billion viewers.

Marbles also has about 15 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. Up until now, no one represented her. This lovely young lady did it all without the help of a publicist, marketing guru, manager, or talent scout and without a contract. All was done by carefully crafting her image on YouTube.

Her birth name is Jenna Mourey and she was born and raised in Rochester, NY. Today, she lives in Santa Monica, CA.

It only took her five years on YouTube to hit the magic two-billion plateau. But if you think she’s just resting on her laurels, think again. Already, she has hosted a weekly music show on Sirius XM and will soon appear in the upcoming movie Smosh from the YouTube comedy duo Smosh, in theaters this summer.

Wanna make it to the big times? Try YouTube.

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About the Author
Darryl D. Lassiter has been a professional writer for over 20 years — having covered Super Bowls, Olympics, World Series, Grammy & Emmy Awards for several newspapers, magazines, and the Internet.

He has also been a television and film writer, producer & director, having produced newscasts, short films, commercials, music videos, documentaries, and a feature film. Lassiter, while the radio program/music director, also a morning talk show for seven years. He is married with four children and lives in the Atlanta area.
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