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Stop Making a Big Deal Out of Quitting Social Media
By: Jessica Cherok
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If you’re thinking about quitting social media — temporarily or forever — perhaps you’re also thinking about making a big farewell speech. If so, perhaps you should reconsider.

We’ve all been there. The urge to quit social media happens to everyone, but people who announce their leaving are the worst.

If you’re really leaving social media because you’re tired of it, there isn’t much need for a long, drawn-out goodbye. Why drag out what you’re already tired of? Unfortunately, not many people heed this advice. Too often we’re forced to read the “I’m quitting Facebook/Twitter” posts over and over. Worse still, they often come from the same people.

The problem with making a big production out of leaving is the fact that we all know you’ll be back. Most people are quitting more for the attention that goes along with quitting than because of any genuine intention to quit. When you post “I’m done with Facebook,” all of your friends do a collective eye roll and know that they’ll see you in a week.

Sure, there are lots of benefits to quitting social media. Jordan Turgeon, writer for The Huffington Post, wrote about how happy quitting social media made her. She makes some legitimate points, but let’s also be clear on the fact that she also is being paid for quitting. So there’s that.

If you’re going to quit, follow this rule of thumb: Do it quietly.

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About the Author
Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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