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Could Twitter Acquire Circa?
By: Liam Crossey
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Twitter is in talks with Circa to buy the app, as revealed to a source associated with Business Insider.

Circa is a social media app that provides brief news stories specifically for mobile devices. However, while the main idea around the app is very appealing, the app has struggled to find a core audience. Circa has once again failed to find any investors and is now looking for a buyer.

Twitter traditionally provides support for many of its own users who are developing their own technology start-ups, which is why this acquisition is somewhat unusual. However, many believe that Circa lacks the scale to appeal to the widespread audience necessary for the app to succeed.

Circa is only a known app to those who work in the media. Twitter has about 284 million users, many of whom use it on a casual scale. Since the app provides news stories in a more direct, convenient way, many believed that it could “save” journalism. However, despite all of the positive press surrounding the app when it launched 2011, many think that the app isn’t a good platform for bare-bones news reporting.

It would be surprising if Twitter bought Circa instead of developing their own app. Twitter has often been seen, whether correctly or incorrectly, as a source of news that can accurately report facts while interjecting personal opinion and humor — i.e., personality.

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Liam Crossey is impressed with how accessible and wide-reaching Facebook has become for small business owners. He hopes and believes Twitter is eventually looked at in the same light.
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