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Could Facebook Help Your Chosen Candidate Win?
By: Liam Crossey
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Social media is once again playing a pivotal role in introducing the different political views as more and more candidates are stepping forward to prepare for their respective 2016 presidential campaigns. Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, is offering users the opportunity to see different views or stick to their own political comfort zones.

Facebook’s algorithm helps users have a much better overall experience than simply bombarding one’s news feed with irrelevant ads. Posts that are more likely to be ignored by the user are lower in the news feed, while those that correspond to the user's experience and pages liked are higher up the news feed.

However, when it comes to politics, the website’s algorithm isn’t providing users with different political perspectives. Many people are so overcome with frustration that they end up disliking pages and unfollowing acquaintances with opposing views. Facebook and other social media applications are not serving as platforms for diverse political ideas or perspectives, but rather views and ideas that only cater to the Facebook user.

Users are able to unfollow their close acquaintances with different political beliefs as well, as this only removes the selected friend’s shared posts and status updates from the user’s timeline.

Facebook’s organic system of growth doesn’t lend itself to to various political ads. Founder of digital strategy firm Targeted Victory Zac Moffatt stated that “You could conceivably, in the primary, have that process where you’re completely bifurcated, where liberals see things that are liberal and Republicans see things that are Republican.”

It seems as if social media sites such as Facebook are only going to play a role in diversifying the political content one consumes if their chosen algorithm is changed significantly.

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About the Author
Liam Crossey is impressed with how accessible and wide-reaching Facebook has become for small business owners. He hopes and believes Twitter is eventually looked at in the same light.
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