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Dumb Phone, No Smart Problems
By: Stuart Heater
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Smartphones have done many great things for us. They help us get where we’re going when we can’t find our way, give us updates when we need to know how our favorite sports team is doing, and even remind us when it’s our anniversary! Basically, they help us with all the important details we need and want on a day-to-day basis. The problem with receiving all this help is that it can become quite addicting.

That’s exactly what happened to Ed Miliband, a politician in the U.K. He became addicted to his iPhone by constantly being able to check Twitter and Facebook updates, all the usual political commentary, and, of course, the score of his favorite baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, on the MLB app. You read correctly! This U.K. politician has a true love for the Boston Red Sox. You’re probably wondering how this came to be. It’s quite simple. Mr. Miliband had a teaching stint at Harvard, so naturally, while in the U.S., he became interested in America’s greatest pastime and fell in love with the Red Sox.

The question is: What is a smartphone-addicted politician who is running for Prime Minister to do to break the habit? Easy! Get a dumb phone, or one dumber than his current phone. This is the method Mr. Miliband chose. He downgraded from his iPhone to what he called a “dumber phone” (a BlackBerry), a device that he said has “limited functionality.” With the smartphone out of the way and dumb phone in hand, Miliband is free to focus on his campaign for Prime Minister. The fact that BlackBerry doesn’t have his much-beloved MLB app means no more score updates during practice speeches or meetings. Essentially, the BlackBerry’s limited functionality was a big help to him.

Only time will tell if Ed Miliband will become the new Prime Minister of England, or if and when he will switch back to a smarter phone. One thing is for sure: BlackBerry can’t be happy about the negative press that’s been given to the BlackBerry brand. It’s all doom and gloom.

However, there is still one politician who loves and currently uses a BlackBerry. Who is this politician? It is none other than President of the United States Frank Underwood! Okay, okay, he’s the president in a TV show…but that still counts, right?

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About the Author
Stuart Heater is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a degree in Marketing and Mass Communication. He is an avid sports spectator, Netflix connoisseur, and has a passion for technology.
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