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Let's Live Stream Our Lives with #Periscope
By: Katelin McRaith
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This wonderful social media world started off with MySpace, then got taken over by Facebook. Adding to that, we came up with Twitter, Instagram, Vine, oh my! Now Snapchat has grasped our attention and we are adding on to our social media arsenal each and every day. What is next?

Funny you should ask. Twitter has recently come out with an app called Periscope that is linked to your Twitter account. With Periscope, you can live stream your life. SHUT. UP.

You can now take a video of where you are and show all your viewers. It is a live broadcast that is saved for 24 hours, similar to the MyStory feature in Snapchat. Periscope's live broadcasts can be filmed on iPhones or iPads and watched from most smartphones, desktops, or laptops through the Periscope or Twitter app.

To download the Periscope app, you need a Twitter account. If you don’t have a Twitter account…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! #tweetsarethebest

Once you get rolling on making live broadcasts of your life and start following fellow Periscopers, you will be notified when they are making broadcasts. Because this is social media and we love to seek the approval of others, you can send a message or a “heart” to let them know just how much you love their broadcast.

Periscope is working its way into our hearts. Watch out, folks, we have another way to distract ourselves! 

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About the Author
Katelin McRaith is a graduate of Lake Forest College and has recently moved to Nashville, TN to start a new life adventure. Her true loves in life are her family, friends, and her dogs, Heart and Hubbell. Her goal in life is to live every day to the fullest and to be happy.
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