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Morris The Cat Reports From SXSW
By: Jennifer Graber
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Every once in a while, you meet someone with an awesome job — one that you wish you could have. The job envy grows exponentially when you learn of the amazing opportunities it comes with. You might even find yourself asking why it cannot be you in that position. Well, prepare yourself to experience that plight once more. Only this time, you won’t be jealous of a powerful person — rather a precocious cat. Yes, a cat has a job that is better and much cooler than yours.

Morris The Cat came from humble beginnings. He lived the life of a shelter cat that was close to meeting an untimely end. Fortunately, one day, a talent scout was at that same shelter looking for “his next big star.” The scout was instantly drawn in to Morris’ charisma and charm, and the rest is history. Next stop — Hollywood.

Morris made a purr-fect transition from small-town kitty to big star. He has starred in dozens of commercials, and has even made it to the big screen. Morris has certainly done more than most people I know. Morris has gone on to serve as a brand ambassador for 9Lives and has cultivated an admirable digital life. You can find Morris on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube. No, seriously, a cat probably does social media better than you.

Because of Morris’ online prowess, he has been privy to some enviable opportunities. Morris has gotten to test out wearable technology by giving the world his Cat’s Eye View. He took that viewpoint to the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas last week. Morris was invited by Mashable to attend SXSW and report on the latest and greatest in tech. Oh, and to show that cats are truly rulers of the universe and the Internet.

During SXSW Morris met with adoring fans and top tech influencers and celebrities, including Katy Perry’s Left Shark and Liger. In fact, the techy cat played foosball with Left Shark. When Morris was not meeting Internet sensations, he was interacting with major brands and leading tours of the Mashable House — giving the ultimate insight into what it is like to attend the festival. He pitched ideas inside MasterCard’s Priceless Elevator Pitch, which was the brand’s opportunity to pitch your best tech idea in 60 seconds. Of course, Morris’ favorite part of SXSW was discovering the Petzi Connect — a piece of tech that allows you to remotely dispense treats for your favorite pet.

At the conclusion of SXSW, Morris The Cat reflected on his time spent meeting new people and experiencing tech in a way that connects us all. He went on to promise to continue his mission of discovering and testing out the latest in tech and wearables.

Having a cat report on tech at a festival centered on such a topic is a pretty genius idea. It certainly affirms what hours of video-watching and meme-creating online have shown. Much to the chagrin of dog lovers everywhere, cats have taken over the Internet. So who better to report on tech than the ruler of it all? Technology is fast paced — that’s a given. Things come into and go out of style before you even know they exist. So having a famous kitty cat report on tech is one way to combat the staleness.

Thoughts? How seriously do you take digital feline reporting? Is this a strategic way to have some fun with an industry, yet balance it with some level of meaningful promotion?

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Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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