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On-Demand Shopping via Text: It's Magic
By: Katelin McRaith
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Have you ever found yourself stuck at home and in desperate need of mint chocolate chip ice cream and a Diet Coke, but have no motivation to leave whatever marathon is playing on your Netflix account at the time? Or have three kids who play three different sports and grocery shopping is out of the question?

Behold! There is a solution to these daily woes. There exists a phone number that, upon texting it, will deliver anything (for a fee) directly to the comfort of your own home, providing that the delivery is legal. The name of the game is convenience.

The company calls themselves Magic and will make those errands you never have time for get done easily or allow you an excuse to be lazy. However, all of this convenience comes at a price. The company charges a fee on top of the products and/or services that you request. Texting Magic is free, but when your requests are processed, a tip and fee are added to your final bill.

Is it safe? Magic has made secure payment possible for their customers. When shoppers agree to the price, Magic will send first-time customers a link that will take them to an online form where they enter their credit-card information. Magic uses Stripe to handle payments, and the information will not be saved to their system.

Magic is only available in the U.S. for the time being. While there may be cheaper ways to get your errands accomplished, some days we all need a little help. To get a taste of this convenience (after a lengthy turn on the wait list), sign up by texting 407-217-1721.

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About the Author
Katelin McRaith is a graduate of Lake Forest College and has recently moved to Nashville, TN to start a new life adventure. Her true loves in life are her family, friends, and her dogs, Heart and Hubbell. Her goal in life is to live every day to the fullest and to be happy.
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