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The Dress, the Salvation Army, and #StopAbuseAgainstWomen
By: Shalice Sherald
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Not long ago, social media was in a frenzy over “the dress.” The “dress” was a photo that quickly circulated because, when looked at multiple times, the dress changed colors. Some people saw blue and black, while others saw white and gold. The amazing color change sent everyone into an instant debacle. The dress went viral.

In fact, the dress was such a hit that the Salvation Army used it to spread an important message. On Friday, March 6, the Salvation Army in South Africa created a meme using the dress to bring more awareness to domestic abuse with the #stopabuseagainstwomen campaign.

One in six women is a victim of domestic abuse. The powerful message highlights that domestic violence is so quickly overlooked by society for minuscule things such as “the dress”. Its amazing how something so trivial can be used in something so important.

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About the Author
Shalice Sherald is an artist from Detroit, Michigan. She's a person with passion for life, love, and HAPPYness. Love. Dream. Create.
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