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Dove Wants You to Speak Words of Beauty
By: Jennifer Graber
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Writing from behind a computer screen provides a sense of boldness. We might say things that would otherwise be unacceptable. We break ourselves and each other down. This is easy to do in a digital world, where unrealistic expectations run rampant. Amongst women, this is an alarming trend. In fact, research reveals that “8 out of 10 women encounter negative comments on social media that critique women’s looks.” This startling statistic amounts to over 5 million negative tweets last year about women’s bodies.
Even though the research reveals these disheartening facts, women still are not even owning up to them. The same research shows that only 9% of women even admit to “posting negative comments on social media.” This has absolutely got to stop. These sad facts are contributing to an overall negative environment — online and in the real world. Dove, the global beauty brand, could not agree more. Dove has been a key player in pushing for change in self-esteem and body positivity, and the brand has launched a new digital campaign aimed specifically at the negativity in social media.
Just in time for the red carpet season Dove has launched #SpeakBeautiful. The campaign is geared towards encouraging women to speak kind, gentle, and encouraging words. Additionally, Dove wants the #SpeakBeautiful campaign to get women to think more positively — not just about others but themselves as well.
Dove partnered with Twitter for this campaign. From the partnership sprung an opportunity to utilize new technology. Dove will use new technology that monitors “Twitter data to identify negative social media conversations about beauty and body image.” Dove will be alerted, via the data, when a negative Tweet is posted. The brand will then use this data, and the technology, to send “non-automated responses to real women.”  
The responses tweeted out will include advice straight from the pros. Besides partnering with Twitter, Dove has also teamed up with self-esteem and social media experts. The experts will dish out real world advice that is designed to be “constructive” and “accessible.” The goal is to change the tone of the digital conversation. Dove wants women to shift their focus off of what they hate about themselves. And the conversation should not break others’ flaws down either. Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful aims to put the power back in our hands by empowering women with “confidence,” “optimism,” and “kindness.”
This is another hit for the Dove beauty brand. The brand has become a real champion and pioneer for boosting body image and positivity, and there is no better place to take the next step than on social media. Hopefully the conversations about bodies will be transformed into a wonderful and positive dialog. Then, perhaps, the dialog will leap off the screen into real life, thus changing how we talk about ourselves and one another.

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Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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