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Super Bowl #SocialMedia
By: Shalice Sherald
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With social media being such a staple in society, it’s only right that it was part of the Super Bowl. With last year’s records of 24.9 million tweets and 1.2 billion users on Facebook, this year was on track to break records.

The battle wasn’t just between the Patriots and the Seahawks. There was another brawl brewing on the online circuit between Facebook and Twitter — an undeniable mashup!

Facebook was ready to fight! With new features added for the sole purpose of crushing the competition, it was a good show. According to reports, on Facebook, this year’s game was the most talked-about ever, but that just wasn’t enough.

On Sunday, Facebook launched an all-new hub called “Trending Super Bowl” that brought together content from the game. Facebookers were able to follow the game’s progress with a live scoreboard on the hub and see a running play-by-play from the game. Facebook also ran online videos of some of the Super Bowl ads and automatically played videos on users’ news feeds that were set off by certain keywords that users mentioned in their posts as they watched the game live.

Twitter definitely gave Facebook a run for their money by launching an NFL experience that allowed users to be able to find more relevant information about the game. The page consisted of stats, photos, videos, and tweets. Sound familiar?

Twitter may have had something up their sleeve with an advertising war room consisting of 15 brands. The idea was for Twitter to help them weigh in during game time and be able to react! Both platforms went in strong, but who won the title?

Facebook takes the title once again with a whooping 65 million users talking about the Super Bowl in 256 million posts, compared to Twitter’s 28 million tweets. Both platforms also beat their own records from last year. 

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