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Your Future Travel Plans Are About to Change
By: Jason Will
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The travel industry has undergone very little innovation over the past decade, but that is about to change very soon. Travel is very personal for most of us and that holds true across all five phases of travel: Dream, Plan, Book, Experience, and Reflect. These are the three reasons you’ll be impacted throughout each one of those.
Dreaming and Planning
Travel sites will begin to understand what is most and least important to you. More specifically the places you are most likely to visit and preferences that matter most, and they'll ultimately align you only with relevant options.
How is this possible? Based on understanding your preferences, social demographics, and purchase history, a company can learn to only show information you care about. Instead of searching through multiple sites, interacting with scroll bars, check boxes, and sorting features, those functions will be replaced with one page of highly customized content. As a result, the time you spend researching travel will decrease significantly.
The days of having to narrow down pages of information are about to end. Therefore, the time it takes to make a booking decision will be much easier and you’ll be confident about your decision. Also, we expect the user experience to be the same across mobile, tablet, and desktop. Imagine a simplified experience any time, anywhere…
Experience and Reflect
Throughout each step of travel we experience different emotions, collect different memories, but in the end there is a sense of pride we develop through our travels. Traveling builds character, enhances understanding, and opens our imagination. It’s imperative for companies to provide us with the most memorable experience. Travel sites need to build a sense of community that allows for sharing ideas and helps connect fellow travelers.
When is the last time you’ve been excited to tell someone else about your booking experience? If you’re like most of us, the answer is never.
Come join our team as we create the most personalized search and booking site. Book today at zipkick.com.
Safe Travels!

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About the Author
Jason Will is an avid traveler and entrepreneur based in San Francisco where he serves as the Co-Founder and CEO of Zipkick, which is the first travel site to completely customize the search results on an individual basis. Zipkick is Netflix for travel and their mission is to make travel search more accessible and mobile. Check out www.zipkick.com and connect with Jason via Twitter or LinkedIn.  
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