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New Feature for Facebook's Year in Review
By: Jessica Cherok
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Was 2014 a banner year for you? Now you can relive the memories with Facebook’s Year in Review feature. That is, assuming you want to relive it.

Year in Review debuted on Facebook in 2013, allowing users to view a video of their year’s posts. Unlike the 2013 review, Facebook users can now pick which photos are in the 2014 review. The 2013 version was not customizable, and Facebook picked the photos based on popularity.

Being able to customize your own review allows you to pick which stories and posts were important to you over the last year, not which ones Facebook feels are most impactful.

This year’s Year in Review also differs from 2013’s in that it's mobile-first. The highlight video plays exceptionally well on mobile devices, but is also viewable on the website. Viewers are also able to control the scroll-through, rather than have the video played at a predetermined speed.

An unfortunate feature to the review, however, is that you have to watch someone else’s Year in Review in order to create your own. Once you’ve seen the review, you simply follow the prompts in creating your own review to share on your Facebook timeline.

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Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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