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DIY Pro-Level Animated Videos with GoAnimate
By: Jennifer Graber
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In a busy and cluttered world, it can be challenging to tell a story. Important details can be overlooked simply because something else caught your eye. Call it a case of "oh, look, something shiny!" It is usually those missed details that are meant to connect the audience to the story. When you are a marketer trying to tell the story of your product or service, well, this can be a problem. You want to be that something shiny. You do not want your audience to miss the point; otherwise, your efforts are moot. GoAnimate is a website that is aiming to help.
GoAnimate is a website that allows companies to easily make animated videos. The company is taking what once was a complex task and bringing it to the masses. GoAnimate provides a drag-and-drop process to create animated videos. The process is simple, quick, and economical. A business just needs an Internet connection; no fancy equipment required. You do not need a camera or sound equipment. There is no need to call in a special team or an animator. You do not have to shell out thousands of dollars. It is DIY video making.
GoAnimate has a “flexible workflow.” In just a few easy steps, your company can have a professional-quality animated video. From scripting and storyboarding to voice recording to publishing and everything in between — it is all there. The website has a library full of audio and visual elements that can be added. You can even record your voice and upload your very own audio files. GoAnimate’s software will polish the audio track and automatically lip synch voice tracks to the video characters.
The site offers three pricing plans to suit a variety of needs: GoPublish, GoPremium, and GoTeam. Each plan shares some of the same perks, such as unlimited hosting, unlimited video production, export ability, and more. The variance between the subscription plans is related to number of users, additional users, export resolution, watermarking, commercial rights, group management, and collaboration. The higher value the plan is, the greater control and number of benefits you receive — obviously.
GoAnimate touts the following benefits to using animation in marketing: bend the laws of nature, give context to your ideas, strike the right tone, change your thoughts into visuals, explore different ways, and represent diversity. There seem to be a great number of positive aspects regarding GoAnimate, especially considering some say animation will be a new trend in the world of marketing. It could be a good way to stand out while taking ownership. But you would really have to strive to ensure the video elements used were unique. This could be a problem if only stock content is used.
The process seems simple enough, and the services seem to be cost effective. To me, the biggest impact GoAnimate can have is on small to mid-size business. Those are the types of businesses that are less likely to have the capital to invest in professional services. GoAnimate has the potential to put power back in the hands of business owners. Of course, it would probably work just as well with larger companies that want to take a DIY approach — bring it back in-house.
Overall, GoAnimate sounds like a resource that is worth looking into.

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About the Author
Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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