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Girl Scout Cookies Go Digital
By: Jennifer Graber
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There are technological advances nearly every single day. After all, we live in a society that nearly demands it. But there are few that can bring tears of joy to your eyes. This is one of those instances. A technological advance has come along that is life-changing in a big way. The Girl Scouts will now sell cookies online. I repeat: The Girl Scouts will sell their delicious nuggets of goodness online.
The organization has had a “nearly 100-year-old tradition” of selling cookies in hopes of providing hands-on education to its members. The Girl Scout sales program was designed to create an entrepreneurial spirit and skill set in its girls. In order to sell the cookies, the girls need to be able to properly handle money, work well with people, and develop a sound sales plan. Typically, the Girl Scouts go door-to-door, set up shop outside stores, or send order forms to parental workplaces, though sending forms to parental workplaces has been somewhat controversial and frowned upon within the organization.
Now the Girl Scouts are adding a new-age tool to their business arsenal. The organization has previously “prohibited Internet sales” but will now allow its girls to utilize the digital medium. Girl Scouts will launch its “Digital Cookie” program. This new program will give the girls a chance to sell cookies online via a personal website or app. The cookies sold online will be available for shipping directly to the customer. There will be no personal information available through “Digital Cookie,” and users can only connect with the Girl Scouts through an email invitation. So, sadly, you will be unable to go directly to the Girl Scouts website to order cookies. “Digital Cookie” will launch later this year in a limited capacity, and will have a mass release in January.
Prior Girl Scout members have attempted to go rogue by crafting their own digital efforts, but the organization ruled that it was unfair by unevenly distributing the balance of power. It then placed a ban on digital selling until it could implement an organization-wide portal. This is interesting because the Girl Scouts are trying to instill a business mind and spirit within its girls. Inevitably, unfairness lies within any business, so efforts to level the playing field by excluding digital platforms seems to almost be counterproductive.
Thankfully the Girl Scout organization has finally put together its “Digital Cookie” platform. Rejoice! The digital implementation is meant to supplement current efforts, not replace it. So you will still see Girl Scouts out and about hawking cookies, but going digital will allow the organization to expand its business. Girls will be able to reach family and friends across the country, rather than just within their local area.
It is somewhat surprising to find that you cannot order or access certain products online. It almost makes us skeptical. In the case of the Girl Scouts, it was merely traditional. Tradition dictated that the organization not move with the technological times. But hallelujah, that has changed. Get your keyboards ready to order those delicious Samoas!

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Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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