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'Next Glass' App Answers the Tough Questions
By: Jennifer Graber
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Each day in our lives we face a multitude of challenges. Situations arise that must be dealt with in some fashion. There are tough questions to be answered. These questions persist whether or not we are prepared to answer them. One such challenging question revolves around the future and what our next step should be. That tough question many people have fought to answer is “what wine should I buy next?” There is a new app trying to simplify your adventures in the wine aisle so that you can easily answer the tough questions.
Next Glass is a new app that scientifically assists wine drinkers in selecting a new bottle of wine. Upon the initial download of Next Glass, users are asked to rate several wines that they enjoy. From there, users can take Next Glass live in the store. To use the app, you simply scan a wine bottle’s label. Scanning the wine label will produce a score ranging up to 100. A higher score indicates a greater likelihood that you will like that particular wine, and vice versa.
How did Next Glass arrive at its findings and wine ratings? Science. The company has tested thousands of bottles of wine thus far, at a rate of 200 bottles per day, and plans to keep going. To test the wines, Next Glass examines them in a mass spectrometer and chemical analyzer. The analysis results are then uploaded into a database where “billions” of calculations are run to produce scores. The calculation process Next Glass utilizes essentially “maps out a genome” for wine to “find patterns and chemical signatures.” Think alcohol DNA. This highly detailed and scientific process allows the company to boast a 96% accuracy rate.
The app also comes in with a built-in social network, nutritional information, and similar item recommendations. The social network aspect of Next Glass sounds pretty interesting, actually. If you are with several of your friends or family who have the app, you can use it to find a wine that is agreeable to everyone’s tastes. Another plus for the Next Glass app is that it works on beer as well.
Next Glass still has some issues to work out. Of course, not every wine or beer has been tested, but the company is working every day to add more wine and beer to its database. Users have the ability to submit beers and wines to the company for possible testing. Since this is a new release, there are some usability features and quirks that need some work. But Next Glass promises to improve its users’ experiences over time as it continues to put more brain power and research into the project.
Who doesn’t love a little science with their wine? The Next Glass app sounds like a promising way to develop your wine or beer profile. It also has the potential to provide users with an expanded profile through trying new products. You can really hone in on what you like and dislike. Next Glass can make a wine or beer connoisseur out of anyone.
Will you be downloading this app?

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Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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