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Thank You, Instagram! We Can Now Edit Photo Captions!
By: Jennifer Graber
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Remember back in ancient social media times when we faced such hardships? For instance, one of the horrors we faced was making a typo or some other sort of error on an Instagram photo caption.  Our options to remedy such actions were quite limited. To fix a photo caption error on Instagram, we would have to delete the photo and completely start over. Our other option was to comment on the photo with an asterisk and make sure the world knew what we actually meant. But that was all B.U. — before updates.
Okay, I may have overexaggerated just a tiny bit before, but trust me when I say there was a collective joyful noise when Instagram announced its newest updates. One of its updates is something whose existence we have been inquiring about since Instagram came to be. The photo-sharing app has finally fulfilled its number-one user request and is providing users the ability to edit photo captions.
Users still upload and caption photos in the same fashion as before. However, there is now a simple solution if a user discovers that he or she made a typo. You simply have to tap your uploaded image and a menu should pop up. That menu will now feature an "edit" option. And, unlike Facebook, Instagram users cannot see your edit history of faux-pas and typos. Voila! Problem solved! Well, one problem solved. Users still cannot edit their comments on other Instagram users’ photos.
So the question is, what took Instagram so long? The photo-sharing app has said the ability to edit photo captions has been its number-one community request. Time and again, users have spoken up and asked for this feature. Now, I realize every app and social media platform cannot give in to every whim from its users. After all, that would be chasing something incredibly unattainable. And you cannot please everyone.
However, if a form of social media has a huge demand from its users, should it not comply? Are users not the stakeholders? The ones a company would ultimately want to please? It stands to reason that any platform is nothing without its users. "No users" equals less incentive for development, advertising opportunities, and other growth. Sometimes it seems as if social media users do not always get the changes they push for, and the companies move on their own timetable agendas. All of this causes me to wonder who really is in charge of social and digital media.
Whatever the case may be, Instagram granted the wish of just about every user when it gave us the ability to edit photo captions!

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Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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