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#DudesGreetingDudes Takes Aim at Catcalling
By: Jennifer Graber
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A couple of weeks ago director Rob Bliss collaborated with the Hollaback! group to release a special video piece. The video piece documented Shoshana Roberts’ walk through New York City. To document the trek through the city, Bliss walked in front of Roberts with a camera (hidden in a backpack). What the video piece revealed was quite interesting. The duration of Roberts’ walk was riddled with catcalls and sexually charged greetings. Some men even said Roberts should be more grateful for the attention. Naturally, the video went viral and the Internet went crazy with responses. Some defended the catcalls, calling them harmless greetings. And others were appalled at Roberts’ experience.
One individual’s response to the video has caught the public eye. Blogger Elon James White posed the question that if catcalling is indeed harmless, then why are more men not talking to each other in that manner? Why is that type of behavior and language reserved for women? White also asks why, if a woman does not respond favorably, or at all, some men feel that it gives them the right to be angry. White’s questions gave birth to the hilarious hashtag, #DudesGreetingDudes. The evocative hashtag points out just how strange some interactions would be if men used them on other men, rather than women.
#DudesGreetingDudes has since gone viral, with many Internet users adding their own special greetings. Some of the greetings include: “Okaaayy I see those cargo shorts. That's what I'm TALKIN about!! Mmm! You have a blessed day,” “Bro, Don't mind me shouting non-consensual sexual comments at you. You know I can't help what they say about big feet!” and “Look how you're dressed in those skinny jeans wearing that H&M V neck...you're asking for it...take the compliment.”
Some greetings may seem exaggerated and outlandish. Unfortunately, they are not. A great number of the responses are based on things actually verbalized. Reading through the responses and tweets from #DudesGreetingDudes is very humorous. The level of ridiculousness is absolutely through the roof. But for the individuals who have faced those types of comments, the reality is not as funny.
Fortunately, however, the hashtag sheds some light on a common situation. #DudesGreetingDudes points out how critical it is to be selective with our words. If a greeting sounds off for one group of individuals then why would you think it would be okay for another? If your words are harmless greetings, that is how you should greet everyone, right?
Hopefully the ones who truly need to hear the message will take #DudesGreetingDudes seriously. What are your thoughts on the hashtag?

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Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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