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Dove Uses Social Media to Promote Body Positivity
By: Jennifer Graber
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Social media is not always reserved for making oneself feel better. Logging onto Facebook or Twitter can turn into a comparison competition. We can end up comparing ourselves and our lives to others. Perhaps we struggle with having a smaller house or a lower-paying job. Furthermore, the use of social media can also lead to comparison of things related to body image and self-esteem. It is not uncommon to experience low self-esteem and body shaming like it is no big thing. Unfortunately, they have become commonplace. This issue is not limited just to individuals, but it can also come from brands and companies. But one brand is aiming to change the way we use social media and interact with body image.
Dove, the beauty giant, has long been a part of a greater conversation. The brand, for a while now, has sought to improve the way society perceives real beauty. And now Dove is reaching out in a new way to further the conversation. Dove is hosting its 5th Annual Dove Self-Esteem Weekend at the United Nations. The weekend is designed to celebrate and cultivate self-esteem and the legacy of beauty. The weekend will have workshops, presentations, keynote speakers, and more.
As a means to further connect with the weekend, and its participants, Dove has added social media components. For instance, Dove is encouraging participants from near and far to add the brand on Snapchat. The use of Snapchat, for Dove, is to connect with participants on a more one-on-one basis. Participants can use the app to ask personal, self-esteem based questions in a safe zone. Additionally, Dove will be interacting with its users by providing tips and tools for feeling more beautiful and powerful in your own skin. Participants will be able to get behind the scenes with Dove and the Snapchat app.
Dove will also be employing the use of a special hashtag, #FeelBeautifulFor. The hashtag will be used to promote that feeling great in your skin will set a positive example for other women in your life. The beauty brand’s use of a specially created hashtag is also working in conjunction with the brand’s short film, Legacy. The short film is about creating an encouraging legacy for the women we influence. As Dove points out, the self-esteem of the young women in our lives can be strongly molded by our own feelings and beliefs.
It is refreshing to see a beauty brand use social media to encourage self-esteem instead of break it down. Specifically, Dove’s use of Snapchat is promising. The brand is giving women and girls a safe space to explore personal things. The sort-of expiration of the Snapchat photo adds an element of bravery. Participants can interact, ask questions, and discuss in a way that they might not normally.
Also, social media is a genius way to reach consumers. Practically everyone is online or trying to get there, especially young women and other impressionable ladies. This is a key facet in what Dove is trying to accomplish. Dove is changing a landscape, both virtually and in reality.
For some great resources, articles, and more, check out Dove’s Self-Esteem Project Community.

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Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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