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Space Tweets from MOM
By: Jessica Cherok
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Is there anything cuter than two spacecrafts tweeting each other? Maybe, but not much.

Last week the Indian Space Research Organization’s Mars Orbiter Mission made it to Mars’s orbit. Following in NASA’s Curiosity Rover’s footsteps, the Mangalyaan began tweeting from its own Twitter account, @MarsOrbiter.

Mars Orbiter tweeted, “Howdy @MarsCuriosity? Keep in touch. I’ll be around,” to which the Curiosity Rover (@MarsCurosity) tweeted congratulations to the ISRO and the Mars Orbiter.

Mars Orbiter’s Twitter account gained several thousand followers almost immediately. The mission has been a huge success for the ISRO, and a source of national pride for the people of India. The ISRO certainly capitalized on social media, where it has been providing real-time mission updates since the end of last year.

The entire ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission has been a resounding success. It was the first Mars exploration — ever — to reach the planet on its first attempt; a hugely impressive feat. Perhaps even more impressive was its ability to do so on what has been referred to as a “shoe string budget.” The entire mission cost less than some Hollywood blockbusters.

For more updates from MOM, follow the orbiter on Twitter.

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