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Drew Carey Stands Up to Ice Bucket Bullies
By: Jennifer Graber
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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral, no doubt about that. There does not appear to be an end in sight to the chilling challenge. Now folks are starting to get creative with their videos and messages.

However, in this particular case, doing the Ice Bucket Challenge in a different way is not a good thing. A group of teenagers in Bay Village, OH turned a charitable activity into a despicable situation. The young teens filled a bucket, not with ice and water, but with feces, urine, cigarettes, and other trash.
Don’t think the nastiness ends with the contents of the bucket. No, it gets worse. The group of teens then took the bucket and dumped it on an unsuspecting autistic teenager. The autistic teen had wanted to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge and trusted the group of teens. He truly believed he was getting to participate in the viral challenge. The final straw is that the group of teenagers filmed the incident and posted the video on social media. And why did the teens do this and film it? Because they thought it would be funny. Yeah, bullying is hilarious, right.
Drew Carey, an Ohio native and host of The Price is Right, got wind of the teens’ dreadful take on the challenge. Carey took to Twitter to express his disdain for the teens, calling them out and saying they should be arrested and expelled. But Carey didn’t stop there, however. Carey utilized social media to offer his support of the Bay Village Police Department. The game show host pledged a $10,000 reward towards finding the culprits. Twitter users asked Carey to refocus his reward efforts to a charitable donation instead. So Carey is pledging that if the police department can find the perpetrators without reward money then he will donate the $10,000 to Autism Speaks. What a generous offer from the Ohio native, who wants to look after his own.
Apparently people will do just about anything to get on social media or to make a video. And shame on the teens; shame on them. They took advantage of a young boy for no good reason, and they knew better. The autistic teen thought he was going to be “normal” and get to take part of a social media craze. He probably just wanted to belong. And those teens used social media for the complete opposite. Honestly, it doesn’t matter that the teen was autistic. It is an awful thing to do to any person at all. And it is bullying.
Those teens have to learn that actions have consequences, even more so if you’re senseless enough to post online via social media. It is important that we get back to the goodness; that we use social media for positive things. And it is quite encouraging to see Carey using Twitter to do just that.

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