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Samsung Goes Over the Edge
By: Jennifer Graber
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Samsung announced its latest products at a trade show in Berlin recently. Among its announcements were the Galaxy Note 4, Gear VR, and the Galaxy Note Edge. Samsung’s Edge was designed using its flexible-display technology and is a curved smartphone with a usable side display. The 160-pixel-wide display flows off the side from the separate, flat main screen.
The unique side panel is designed to give users easy access to various controls, apps, and features. Edge users will be able to view weather, stock, or time information from the side display of the smartphone as it rests on a desk or table. The curved edge will also contain the controls for the Edge’s high-resolution camera. Samsung’s Edge side display will be customizable with photographs or a slide show, but that is all that seems to be fairly customizable for now.
Since Samsung’s Edge is a new product it means there are not going to be a lot of features or apps for that side display. The side display is a separate, stand-alone surface. It is small with not a great deal of space. Samsung ultimately needs further app development for the cascading screen. The apps need to be dynamic and exciting. It seems as if that will be a challenge due to the space. And third-party developers may not have incentive to develop apps if the Edge is the only Samsung product with a side display. Plus, what sort of apps do you think will be feasible for development for a small area? What will pique interest and grab the attention of the consumer?
The Samsung Edge appears to be a fun, technologically advanced product. It seems like a new and novel concept. It is the only smartphone with a usable touch display, and not just buttons or a blank canvas. Pardon the teenager talk, but how cool is that? How many people can say that they can control features and apps from a tiny screen? It increases usable surface area and opens up the possibilities for creative potential. And to put it simply, the Samsung Edge just seems futuristic.
But is it enough to sustain itself in an overcrowded market? Or will its excitement quickly fade? Consumers are on the fence about the Samsung Edge. Some are responding favorably with enthusiasm. However, there also has been some negative feedback thus far. Some question the novelty and uniqueness, saying this technology is not a new thing. Some have even gone so far as to say that Samsung just rifles through the ideas and patents of Apple. And then there have been remarks that attack Samsung’s tech support and declare loyalty to other companies. It appears to be a polarizing debate.
The Samsung Edge, I think, has the potential to be something great. It is a fun concept, but it is all in what Samsung does with the product and its development that will make or break its success.

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Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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